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             An enlivening and mild skin treatment, Daily Complex Serum is developed from a spectrum of mainly organic botanical derivatives to protect and rejuvenate skin of adults of all ages...



SAPAYA Body Cream
Body Cream

          Sapaya Body Cream is developed from a harmony of organic oils and plant derivatives which nourish and rejuvenate skin. Natural antioxidants, vitamins and moisturizers combat free radicals and reduce trans-epidermal water loss. A key ingredient, organic shea butter, offers regenerative qualities which accelerate the healing of dry skin, stretch marks and harmful UV exposure. Olive and sesame oil extracts provide essential vitamins A and E, while Jojoba derivatives offer long-lasting, antioxidant properties. Sapaya Body Cream is ideal for daily use and will keep skin softer, smoother and more youthful in appearance.

Ginger Blossom Body Cream
          Stimulate your senses with a deep breath and enjoy the revitalizing qualities of ginger as you pamper yourself after bathing. Blended from 100% pure essential oils, Ginger Blossom Body Cream will keep your skin silky soft throughout the day-in part due to the protective, long-lasting attributes of Jojoba. Citrus derivatives refresh and uplift upon application, while the potent, yet soothing aroma of ginger eases nervous tension and exhaustion.

Green Fresh Body Cream
          Cultivate feelings of calm after bathing and maintain those feelings as you take on your daily tasks with this sanative and soothing body cream. This fusion of 100% pure essential oils balances the restorative and purifying qualities of frankincense and lavender with reviving herbal extracts to produce feelings of inner-peace by relaxing and refreshing both body and mind. Green Fresh Body Cream has a mellow, floral fragrance with a woody hint that penetrates the senses like breathing fresh air in a green forest. Green Fresh Body Cream allows your skin to remain satiny and protected throughout the day.

Oriental Bouquet Body Cream
          Soothe your senses and take comfort in those private minutes that are all your own before the busy day begins with Oriental Boutique Body Cream. Relax your nervous system with this 100% pure blend of essential oils derived from flowers and herbs that are famed for their de-stressing properties. Geranium Rose and Rosewood extracts promote tranquil feelings and contribute a rosy hint to the fragrance of the body cream which is blossomy and voluptuous with a glimmer of vanilla like sweetness. Relish soft, smooth skin and echoes of tranquility throughout the day when you use Oriental Boutique Body Cream.