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SAPAYA Sans Souci Body Spritz
SAPAYA Sans Souci Body Spritz

           Sans Souci Body Spritz represents a new concept in deodorant products as a spritz effective in reducing odors associated with sweating and urea release without interrupting essential bodily functions. Most mainstream deodorant products have unnatural side effects such as restricted perspiration due to pore-clogging agents such as aluminum and synthetic wax. Sans Souci Body Spritz is naturally derived, mild and, being water based, leaves no greasy residue on the skin. It contains no chemical additives, preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances.  Sugarcane extract is very effective in restricting odors, while plant and mineral derivatives function to rehydrate and moisturize skin.

          Perspiration is natural and essential. The displeasing odor attributed to perspiration is caused by the natural interaction between a compound called urea, which is naturally present in sweat, and the enzyme urease.  When we perspire, urease is released and functions by breaking down urea which results in the unpleasant smell associated with perspiration. Sans Souci Body Spritz reduces the odor emitted through this natural reaction, while allowing the body to function naturally.  The clogging of pores, which can result in the build up of toxins in the body, is simply replacing one problem with another.

          Another odor that is often described as unpleasant is one specifically correlated with old age.  A natural aspect of the aging process is the body's increased production of a fatty acid called palmitoleic acid. The decomposition of palmitoleic acid causes the characteristic odor associated with old age. Sans Souci Body Spritz is effective in reducing odors caused by this natural occurrence.

          Sans Souci Body Spritz is designed for the entire body or specifically for high perspiration producing areas such as underarms and groin.  It is ideal for daily use as a replacement for deodorizing products that contain harmful, counterproductive agents.